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Parts & Metal Component Manufacturing in Houston, Texas

Make sure your company runs smoothly with help from International Technology and Manufacturing. Based in Houston, Texas, we offer parts and metal component manufacturing for those in the aerospace, compressor, and oil field industries.

CNC Machining

At our CNC machining company, we subcontract for the aerospace industry to help aerospace subcontractors meet their lead times. Once you give us your blueprints, we create the best items using lathe and mill machining. We create parts for large gas compressors that are used for moving oil through lines. We also make metal components for seals and pumps for the oil field industry.

We work with a variety of materials, including nitronics and inconel. We are accustomed to working with tight tolerance machining. Pricing varies per job, so get in touch with us to receive a quote.

Metal Parts, Metal Component Manufacturing in Houston, TX

Contact us in Houston, Texas, for more information about our parts and metal component manufacturing services.